About Us

A new company born into the conglomerate Alhamrani Group which has been servicing Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries since 1957. Ateon is a sister to Alhamrani Universal which was established in 1981 which has achieved a reputation for providing innovative, high-quality solutions and support services in the financial, retail and security industries. We recognized that technologies are changing at exponential rates, and so are their profound impacts on businesses and daily lives. Saudi Arabia is seeing a stupendous rise in the number of mobile subscriptions, which reached 48 million by the end of the second quarter of 2016, a 152% increase in penetration rate (CITC). Therefore, Ateon was created to offer emerging technology solutions while building on the Group’s history and strength.

Ateon Brief Profile


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    There are thousands of applications surrounding the multitude of blockchain applications. They all lead back to one cardinal question: how can blockchain technology be monetized for healthcare?

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    Ateon provides profound modern technology solutions enabling and impelling new kinds of financial services with core support for web & mobile clients: e-commerce, mobile payment, crowd lending, investing, and business intelligence. We deliver profound solutions.

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    Ateon has a unified approach to Cyber Security; which helps you move ahead confidently on any channel, with any device. Our solutions Defend, Detect, Decide, and Defeat; giving you comprehensive protection against determined adversaries - internal and external for a complete, proactive information security solution.

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    Ateon provides unique solutions of Electronic Archiving & Retrieval; which use latest and most secure technologies with the strongest security: digital stamping, digital signature, and blockchain.


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